Effective Email Follow Up 101 - Welcome Emails

Effective Email Follow Up 101 - Welcome Emails

What to send people on your list as soon as they subscribe | taught by Stephen Pratley
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Stephen Pratley
Stephen Pratley
Digital Marketing Consultant

About the instructor

I've spent 20 years building email marketing lists and increasing profits for some of the biggest marketers in the UK and Worldwide.

Now I'm teaching the same techniques to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them scale their small businesses, like a big business.

An outline of the first 5 emails to send to your list after you have them sign up to your list.

Email marketing pioneer shows his simple 5-step email series to turn cold prospects into hungry buyers

As one of the first people to introduce automated email marketing to the UK, I’ve had 15 years to perfect the art of warming up cold email prospects and building engaged lists that have made millions for their owners.

Now you can too.

In less than an hour I'll show you in line-by-line detail how to create a 5-part welcome email series that will deliver value to your prospects, introduce your paid product, and get them to connect with you in multiple channels, all while boosting the deliverability of all your email campaigns.

Here’s how I came up with such a refined process…

In 2001 I was working for one of the first commercial email providers in the UK.

We were sending typical “broadcast” campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest media and ecommerce businesses.

And we were good.

Almost too good.

On several occasions when we sent out campaigns the response was so big it would crash the client’s server, or they’d completely sell out of the products we were promoting and suddenly need a load more resource in the warehouse to get them delivered.

I knew there was a better way.

We developed a process that we called “Adaptive Sequenced Messaging”, an early version of the autoresponders and marketing automation that modern email tools use today.

We were able to send out messages as soon as a new prospect subscribed to a list, and alter the sequence of follow-up messages as they clicked, or didn’t click, on each campaign.

The results were dramatic.

Better open rates, and click-through rates.

Lower spam complaints and unsubscribe requests

But importantly, more sales, and faster turnaround from prospect to customer as each new prospect was “warmed up” right at the moment when they were most interested in our client’s products.

I’ve had 15 years to refine the messaging in these emails and now I’m going to show you the first 5 steps in the sequence I use in my own digital marketing agency, and in my online course sales at stephenpratley.com.

You'll discover

  • The thing most email marketers do wrong when delivering “lead magnets”, and how you can fix it to make instant sales from your best buyers
  • The writing technique used by the top rated Netflix shows to get your readers turning up again and again
  • The unique case study formula that turns objections into selling points
  • The one email format you can use to extend your email series from 5 into dozens of emails, with sky-high engagement
  • The step that email marketing purists skip with their slow-to-act buyers which leaves thousands of dollars on the table

So, don’t leave your prospects going stale in your email list any longer.

Click the green “Take this course” button, and let’s get started.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1 Text
3 PDFs
1.0 hr