The Foundation Funnel

The Foundation Funnel

Create a marketing funnel in a few hours, that can grow with your business | taught by Stephen Pratley
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Stephen Pratley
Stephen Pratley
Digital Marketing Consultant

About the instructor

I've spent 20 years building email marketing lists and increasing profits for some of the biggest marketers in the UK and Worldwide.

Now I'm teaching the same techniques to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them scale their small businesses, like a big business.

Direct Response Agency Head shows how to build a complete marketing funnel in just 90 minutes.

Have you ever been bemused by the technology and jargon around “marketing funnels”? Do you go into a a head-spin over the confusing mish-mash of landing pages, sales letters, retargeting campaigns, surveys, and webinars that every guru says we need to be a success online?

Well I’m about to blow the lid on all that and help you put the bare minimum of pages in place that you need to sell an online product WITHOUT breaking the bank on software costing thousands of dollars to get going.

You see, building “guru funnels” is just not necessary, at least when you first launch a product, and can actually be damaging to the long term growth of your business.

Here’s the tough lesson I learned to discover this…

Before I started creating my own courses, I worked for two decades in agencies, creating campaigns, landing pages, and email sequences for other businesses.

I worked with all sorts of clients from beauty brands, to big business information publishers like Informa and Reed Business Information, to universities and schools.

And over the years, I saw one consistent pattern amongst the successful businesses.

They fail a lot.

The big numbers you see boasted about when a full launch happens, don’t reveal the number of times they pulled a real flop from the market.

The successful businesses move fast, and if they fail, they fail early. They succeed or fail before they put big investments in, and let the real world be the judge of whether what they have is any good.

All the research and planning in the world is no substitute for getting out there and putting your work in front of strangers.

Like World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

My first courses were a real mixed bag.

The first one sold a couple of thousand copies and got 5 star reviews.

I thought, this was going to be an easy way to riches, and rolled out another one.

My fist course had been a great success, but this one was a complete flop

Crickets, dustbowls, whatever your favourite metaphor for silence is.

And on this course, convinced I was a genius, who couldn’t lose, I’d spent 3 times as long building up the marketing funnel as on the first one.

I realised quickly that I need a faster way to get moving, and to go back to the drawing board without having a stack of cash tied up in each test.

I needed a way to quickly roll out new offers and incentives, without soaking up my advertising budget in software costs.

I spent ages trying to wrestle with free tools, spending hours each week, just to save myself frpm signing up to the “Pro” version of a $9/moth email tool or a $20 Wordpress plugin.

But I also got suckered on the “get what you pay for” line, buying tools that were high priced, but not high quality, and certainly weren’t any easier to use.

(Did you realise that “Enterprise” software is short hand for “you’ll need a team of full time developers for this”?)

Eventually I found a set of tools which are mostly one-off payments, or that operate on a percentage of sales, meaning I could get started cheaply, and save myself time. Whilst they’re not all free, being able to launch in days, not weeks meant I had weeks more of **selling** which paid me back handsomely.

After all, time is one thing you’ll never get back.

As I built out more marketing funnels for clients I discovered how many other players, way ahead of me in earnings, are using similar, low cost, rapid tools to allow them to move FAST, and concentrate on creating content, not tinkering with tools.

People like Justin Brooke who runs courses on media buying and sells up to $20,000 in a week, or Jonathan Levi who has Udemy’s top-selling course on speed reading and memory, who does high six figures in delling his own premium course at

Both use similar tools to the ones I show you though in the course.

You will also discover…

- The $187 toolkit that I used to build an entire digital direct response agency, and that you can use in your business, whatever it is.

- Two places on your website that you can gather email addresses that 95% of site owners never exploit (clue, neither of them is the home page).

- The 3 different types of lead magnet and which is most effective

meaning of the jargon and how it relates to each part of your funnel.

- The free tool you can use to take payments, manage customers and keep content secure AND keep with you while your business grows to 7 figures and more.

- Where your funnel can be extended to catch visitors who don’t buy first time - a technique that can easily double or even triple your sales on high-priced products.

What other people have said about my training:

If any of you are new to the game of building funnels and stuff I cant say enough about Stephen Pratley and his course… “

Scott Masek

I'm finishing up the videos on creating the funnel, and I think you've done a fantastic job with the videos and the content. I'm feeling less like a n00b, and I actually have a landing page, and will have a confirmation page in about 15 minutes…. This is the first time I've actually understood this process and how to implement it, and I've been trying to make sense of sales funnels for a year now, so thank you.

Heather L. Makar

People... I've chatted with Stephen and he's a frickin' genius with this stuff. I'd donate blood to come up with the money to pay this guy. No f'n joke!

Sean Mysel - Pro Copywriter

"The funnel session from Stephen Pratley is the tits!"

Dan Meredith

What's in The Foundation Funnel?

The Foundation Funnel is a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder, click-by-click video instruction on how to build a marketing funnel to sell an online digital product such as an ebook or video course.

The course takes just over an hour, split into 9 modules and 27 bite-sized videos so you can keep pace with me as I build out the funnel.

Limited time bonus:

The course also includes access to my premium Facebook Group “Automatic Business Builders” where you can get help from me, my team, and other students who have been through the course ahead of you.

Because of the attention this group needs it will soon be being closed to everyone except my private 1:1 clients. Existing members will stay, but you won’t be given open access to the group for long.

Course Contents

27 Videos
1 Survey
3 Texts
1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum